5 Tips On Staying Motivated When Working/Studying From Home

When coronavirus arose my college closed down and we all had to study from home. At first, I found it very exciting as it felt like an early summer but I soon realised the reality of it. Working from home is stressful, hard work and challenging. I really took for granted my teacher as she was always there to help. Sometimes I would be in the middle of writing my assignment and I would turn round from my desk and ask a really quick question and then carry on. But I soon found that It wasn’t that simple anymore.

Working from home during lockdown meant working independently. This was more of a struggle than I thought it would have been. I couldn’t just turn round and ask a simple question but write out an email every time I needed a questioned answered. So, in the beginning, I found it very challenging and hard work but I soon I became quite good at it. Here are my five tips that helped me get through.

My first tip is creating a routine. During the lockdown, I kept my routine very similar to what it would have been if I was at college. I got up at 7am and I started my work at 9am then I would work through until 3pm. I did this Monday to Friday and had the weekends off. Routine really motivates me and kept me going through lockdown when we couldn’t do the things we usually would enjoy.

Get Dressed. I know this might sound a bit obvious to some people but there were days when I just wanted to stay in my dressing gown all day and work from my bed. However, I always found that I wasn’t as productive and didn’t feel as if I had accomplished much that day. So getting up, getting dressed and applying some make-up always made me feel better and more motivated.

Create a workspace. I’m very fortunate and have the space for a desk and office area so I don’t need to create a space where I work but sometimes I would change it up a bit if it was a nice day to work outside or at the dining table. This specific area that you choose to do your work make sure it is somewhere peaceful and aren’t going to be disturbed every 5 minutes.

Set up for the next day. Sometimes I lack motivation because I don’t know what I need to do because I haven’t looked at what my next assignment is. But I usually find if the night before I just have a brief read of the topic and see what I need to do it helps me prepare for it mentally the next day. I also layout all the resources that I will need for the next day on my desk. Sometimes I will also open files and start the title of my next assignment because it just really helps me to approach the next day with determination.

Stay in contact with friends in your class or colleagues. When you stay in contact with people that are doing the same things as you it helps you keep motivated knowing that others are doing it as well makes you not want to be behind. I also find it helpful to discuss with my friends their views and opinions on certain assignments. We have a big group chat for my class and whenever anyone needs to ask a question they ask in the group chat.

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